In March I went to Yosemite to go skiing and on the ride up to Badger Pass one morning I saw the most spectacular sight in my life: a group of coyotes! It was like 6am and my mom grabbed the camera and we filmed the pack of coyotes. We watched them stroll about, mark their territory, and listened to them bark and howl.

As the coyotes were leaving, I turned around and saw some trash cans. This brought to my attention that we need to contribute in some way to help keep the environment clean for all of nature. I mean, if most guys have trouble taking out the garbage, how can you expect the coyotes to take out the trash we leave?!?

Greenopolis is helping the environment in a very big way through recycling. If there is anything you can do to help the amazing nature and planet we have, then do it!

Here are three videos of the coyote pack. In one you can see each of them taking turns to mark their territory. In another they are leaving and it looks like they are barking right at us, maybe trying to tell us to leave their marked territory!

Territory Mark
Chilnualna Falls Barking Video

In the third video(s) a lone coyote is strolling along the rode. This was shot at the end of our day when we were driving back from Badger Pass after we had learned how to snowboard! Yes even my mom learned to snowboard with me!


Lone Coyote alongside car
Lone Coyote on Ridge

Hey guys, we have only less than 2,000 points to go until we reach our goal of 200,000 points for the Humane Society before May 1st

I just entered in and donated 2,165 points to the HSUS from all of you wonderful Whole Foods customers and Greenopolis recyclers.

Thank you for all of the hard work we have done so far.

And Now……..

Blog Dogs of the Day!

You thought that was a typo, huh, when I wrote Blog Dogs, but it’s not! When I recently visited the Agoura Animal Shelter these two characters caught my attention:

Now the million dollar question is, “Is he her brother or her doggie boyfriend?”

They were found as a pair: two adventurous wanderers who know how to use team work to have a great time! They make me think of the Marmaduke movie poster I have hanging in my room that says, “Live Large.”

Now these two Live Large, Love Large, and Are Large!

Don’t forget that on the first Saturday of every month, the Agoura Animal Shelter will be at Love’s Pets on Kanan Road in the Vons Shopping Center with plenty of cute pups!

BTW Archie is still available for cuddles and kisses and a warm bed to sleep in every night!  (He looks distracted because I think he’s checking out another cute pup off camera).

We will look for you on May 7th so watch out for drools and snuggles 🙂

John Monday