When I was recycling bottles at the Greenopolis machines last year, I noticed that there were points in the trash. I grabbed the one I saw so I could donate it to the Humane Society. Then I saw more, and more, and more! I kept grabbing the ones I could see until my mom finally told me not to look like a homeless person digging in the trash, not for bottles but for points!

That brought to my attention that the homeless look in the trash for bottles to recycle which gets them a little amount money to buy some food. 

During Spring Break, my mom took me on a bus tour called “Hidden Ventura.” She wanted me to see how others less fortunate than me live to help me appreciate what a great life I have.

The tour was organized by a grassroots group called Lift Up Your Voice (LUYV) and they showed us places where homeless people live. Some of the places you would never guess are there.

On the tour we learned about how we don’t have to complain in our lives because many people have it harder than us. All of us need to be grateful for the food and shelter we have.

The homeless in Ventura and all around the world look to find a way just to get food and shelter every single day.

Greenopolis is helping the homeless by putting up lots of recycling machines which makes it easier for them to recycle what they find and earn a little bit of money.  

On the tour, we learned about a place called River Haven. It is a place where the homeless live in geodesic domes working together as a community. It is easier for them to live there than living on the streets, but it is still a tough life. They have to pay rent to live in a geodesic dome which is provided to them after they have an interview with a city representative. The members of River Haven are non-violent and they share a community room which is in one of the geodesic domes.

Here is a picture of me and a cat in the community room along with some of the domes:

They used to have a bus stop at River Haven so the homeless could get to a job, wash clothes, or go somewhere to take a shower. We learned that the city of Ventura recently removed this bus stop from the bus route. How are these people supposed to get around and improve their lives? Please call the mayor of Ventura and ask him to put the bus stop back at River Haven!

This photo is in front of where the bus stop used to be:

The Human Services Agency of Ventura County has a list of services for the homeless. You can find it on www.vchsa.org or call them at (805) 385-1800.

The Greenopolis points for the Humane Society is at 191,838 Points!

Thank you so much for leaving me a big fat envelope full of points for me to enter into the computer and donate to the Humane Society. And thank you to all the Greenopolis users who are donating their points online directly to the Humane Society.

We’ve got less than 9,000 points to go to meet our early goal! Let’s just do it!

John Monday