We set a goal last week for us to be at 300,000 points for the Humane Society by the end of the summer and we are already a quarter of the way there!!!

Awesome all you Greenopolis Point Donators! I just entered and donated 4,325 points last night to the HSUS and the grand total they have so far is 225,112 points!


One night, during my spring break from 6th grade, my mom was driving home about 11pm and saw two dogs in the street of our neighborhood. When she pulled over the bigger dog ran off and the smaller one just sat in the middle of the road. It’s a corner where lots of speed demons zoom around late at night. When she opened the car door the little white ball of fluff tried to jump in our mini-van! My mom picked him up and we spent the next hour or so driving around to find out where he lived.

He was so cute cuddling on my lap. I was secretly hoping we wouldn’t find the owners so I could have another doggie friend. My mom was not so secretly hoping to find the owner ASAP because our dog Lassie would see him as an annoying little lamb that she would have to herd around the house and yard!

As you can see from the pictures, I got my way for one night because he got to sleep in my room. We gave him Benji’s bed to sleep in for the night (my other dog who passed on over a year ago at 17 yrs. old). But if it was up to me he’d be sleeping in my bed! But my mom said NO since she had just bought me a brand new bed last Christmas.

So I slept on the floor next to him and my mom slept on my bed. And sure enough she spent half the night pushing him off my super tall bed! She kept saying he obviously belongs to someone who treats him like a little king!

Fortunately my Mom had made me put towels all over the floor of my room. Even though at midnight I had walked him around our cul-de-sac a few times before going to bed, he still wound up peeing in my room (luckily on a thick towel)! Lassie knew something was up when she wasn’t allowed in the house for the night, but she never found out about our secret guest.

The next day when we took him to the vet we found out he did have a microchip, but it had never been activated. About the same time one of our neighbors called and told us she saw a woman putting up signs and practically crying. We found the owner!

So let this be a lesson that you have to activate your pet’s microchip in order for it to be any use!


Don’t forget that today is the adoption event at Love’s Pets off of Kanan Road in the Vons Shopping Center in Agoura from 12noon – 4pm.

Now take a look at these photos. Do you notice something in common with all these pups? I mean look at those EARS!

I think they might really be Santa’s secret elves dropped off early to bring you joy and cheer! When you adopt one don’t be surprised if they are missing Christmas Eve, delivering presents to your neighbors!

See you later today, and on the first Saturday of every month, at Love’s Pets!

Let’s keep rocking for the animals!

John Monday