Greenopolis Reward Point Donations to Humane Society near 200,000 Point Goal!

We’re going to make our goal of 200,000 points earned for the US Humane Society before May 1st!

I just donated a few hundred points to the Humane Society and saw that we have less than 13,000 points to go!

Thank you all very much for leaving your points at the Whole Food’s Customer Service 🙂

This beautiful horse, which I had so much fun riding last week, is named Cash. I decided to save this picture of us in Spanish:
“John y Cash”.jpg 🙂

And now…

My BLOG DOG of the DAY is Roxy!

Isn’t she adorable? She poses like she belongs in the movies. I think she just had her toenails painted!

Roxy says,

“Ingenue roles only, please! I’m only 3 years old and LOVE attention. My last role was in January so I’m available for the right part.”

“Call my agent, Darling, at ID #A1182271.”

The right producer or director can find her at the East Valley Animal Shelter in Van Nuys. Let’s make this girl a star!

John Monday