We’re getting closer to the 300,000 point mark for the Humane Society and summer hasn’t even started! We have less than 15,000 points to go!

Yesterday when I entered in and donated 4,350 points from all of you Whole Foods customers and Greenopolis recyclers, the point total for HSUS was 286,033!

Rock on, Good People!

Logan Was Right!

One of my most favorite sports to play is baseball. My mom knows this, so whenever she wants to lecture me about life, she uses examples from a baseball game because she figures I’ll listen 🙂 And usually I do!

Last Friday, we had the most awesome baseball game ever! It was the bottom of the last inning and we were down by three runs and we already had two outs since both Logan and Adam struck out.

Logan, our right fielder, had kept saying all through the game, “I got a feeling… I got a feeling about this game. We’re gonna win.” 

Yeah, right! Our team hadn’t won one game yet. In fact, we only had eight players the previous game. We’re so short on players we even have two girls on our team! But I have to admit that Alexa was a great outfielder this game, stopping a lot of hits that could have been home runs.

So here we are with two outs, down by three runs and Grant was up to bat. And he hasn’t exactly been Babe Ruth this season, if you know what I mean. He got two strikes, then a full count, but then finally he walked. We’re still in the game!

Next up was Charlie.  He hit the ball, made it to first and Grant made it to second. Next, I was up. 

Coach told me to not swing at the first two pitches. He wanted Grant and Charlie to have a chance to steal some bases.

After the first pitch, which was a ball anyway, Grant stole third and Charlie stole second. Then when the catcher made a throwing error overthrowing third, Grant continued on and stole home! Charlie stayed at second to be safe.

The score was now 9 to 7!

I didn’t swing at the second pitch, as I was told. It was a strike, but at least Charlie stole third. At this point, it was one ball, one strike. Then the pitcher gave me three more balls so I walked to first.

Next, Natalie was up to bat. Charlie was still at third and I was at first. 

The pitcher threw a wild pitch, but Natalie held her ground while I stole second and Charlie stole home!

The moms are screaming and the dad’s are sweating because now the score is 9 to 8! 

The pitcher throws a few more balls. I steal third while Natalie walks to first. 

Next up is Tristan. He also hasn’t been having the greatest batting season. He’s sweating it out. First a strike.

Then the pitcher throws another wild pitch and I figure that I got nothing to lose so I steal home!

Now the game is tied, 9 to 9! 

The pitcher then throws a good one and its Tristan’s second strike. Now the coaches are sweating more than the dads!

Next, he pitches two balls and Tristan holds his ground. At this point Natalie is at second.

Here we are with a tied game and at full count! 

The pitcher throws a perfect pitch and Tristan smashes the ball to second base. The second baseman makes an error while Natalie runs from second to third.

Then the second baseman throws it to first, but the first baseman doesn’t catch it so Natalie runs home!

Tristan makes it to first so the run counts!

It’s 10 to 9! We win the game!

Logan was right! Is he psychic or what?!? 

Next time Logan says, ” I got a feeling… I got a feeling about this…” I’m gonna listen to him!

Baseball Blog Dog

Speaking of psychic ball players, today I went to the La Brea Tar Pits in Los Angeles where Best Friends Animal Society was having their annual pet adoption event.

There were hundreds of dogs and cats from rescue organizations and shelters from around three counties over the two day weekend. Here’s a cute dog named Lefty who loves sitting on your lap.

And out of those hundreds of dogs, there’s only one psychic ballplayer and that’s Jenny, just staring into space at that invisible ball that she knows someone will throw soon! She won’t let anything stop her from catching that ball. She will not keep her eye off the ball in any situation!

So for any of you ball fanatics who need a buddy who won’t wear out before you do, Jenny is your girl! Just bring your ball and glove to the Agoura Animal Shelter.

Now back to my Mom lecturing me about life, using baseball metaphors. Like she always tells me, you can learn a lot about life studying a great baseball game! And our last game was a great baseball game. 

And you know what I learned from it? I learned that even when you’re the losing team, and it’s at the final stretch, and if you make one more error the game is over, it’s not really over until the absolute end. Because as long as you stick together as a team, and keep giving it your best, you have the ability to change the whole thing around and win!

So even if the scientists say that the global warming has gotten to a point of no return, or that the earth is in too much of a mess to bother doing much about it, that isn’t the Truth! What we all need to do is keep on giving it our best by recycling, and cleaning up our trash instead of talking trash. We need to stick together as a team!

Because just like my baseball game last week, it’s not over til it’s over! And just like Jenny, we need to keep our eye on the ball!  

John Monday