A few weeks ago my Mom went to the East Valley Animal Shelter. She saw a cute dog named Brock and took this picture of him. Later she called the shelter and asked them how he got there. The officer on the phone said that his owners moved to a new house and I guess they forgot their dog!

My mom then called some rescue organizations to help find a home for Brock with lots of love and attention. Barkie Buddies was one of the organizations my mom called and Elaine, who founded Barkie Buddies, made a lot of phone calls to the shelter to help get Brock adopted. Elaine also visited Brock regularly, giving him lots of love and attention which helped him to be more of a happy and bright fun loving dog. Today we all found out that he got adopted!!!

BTW, yesterday I entered and donated 3,775 points to the Humane Society. Thank you all very much for the contributing you do by leaving your points at the Whole Food’s Customer Service so I can donate them to help the animals. 

The grand total so far is over 150,000 points! Let’s keep up what we are doing because we’re on a roll!

There’s always more furry cutie pies in need of a home. Here is one cutie pie that’s at the East Valley Animal Shelter. Wouldn’t you just love to take her home and kiss that furry face and cute nose!

Her name is Dixie and she is a Domestic Shorthair. She is about 4 years old and weighs approximately 8 pounds. 

Her ID number is A1190014. 

What a cute photo of such an adorable cat!

Let me know who takes her home so we can post a photo of her slobbering you with kisses.

Have a great week!  

John Monday