Can you believe that we have made it over 300,000 points and summer hasn’t even started! The envelope just keeps getting bigger every week! I just entered and donated 8,030 points to the Humane Society and the grand total so far this year is… 312,847 points!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks to everyone who has helped contribute their points and time for the animals! Special thanks to Linda from Whole Foods who has donated 1,100 points in the last few weeks!

I remember when we set the goal to make 300,000 points before the end of summer, but we’re already there. Our next goal will be to make it to 400,000 points before the end of the summer.

Great work guys!

And now…

Our 8 featured blog dogs have all been adopted!

Smiling Dakota is still available at the West Valley Animal Shelter in Chatsworth!

Dakota’s profile write-up can be found in my last Greenopolis blog:

I as happy as Dakota, so let’s keep smiling and recycling!

John Monday