HSUS is at exactly 602,733 points!!! We are doing so well that HSUS is over $5,000!!! Remember, only last year, HSUS had about $2,000 and they used that money to rescue 77 puppies from a puppy mill. Since all of us recyclers made it to $5,000, HSUS will probably do something really grand with the money.

Remember that since we have reached the limit of $5,000 which Greenopolis will donate to any charity, you can always donate the points to the Student Conservation Association. They only have 86,349 points. Or you can even donate your points to Keep America Beautiful which only has 80,274 points.

Speaking of recycling, if you have any old pet supplies, why don’t you donate them to the local animal shelter? For example, as seen in the photos below, the Agoura Animal Shelter loves donations of pet collars and leashes. Even small pet carriers, like this guinea pig carrier I donated, can be used for kittens or other small pets who will be adopted. Not only will the shelter appreciate supplies like blankets, beds, or pet food, but the animals will really love it!

and now…

Blog Dog of the Day! Rudolph the Recycling Reindeer Dog!

Do those eyes remind you of something? They look like Rudolph’s eyes! I think he’s a reindeer in disguise! He looks like he might be an active fetcher, or like he’s ready to chase something and drag you (or a sleigh) along behind him!

What a cute little guy. I’m sure anyone who would even take a glance at this Labrador retriever, would just love to cuddle with him all night long.

He is available for adoption at the Agoura Animal Shelter.


Impound No: A1705539

Impound Date: 8/27/2011
Sex: Male
Primary Breed: LABRADOR RETR
Age: 11 Years, 0 Months
Location: AGOURA
Cage No.: A014

Have a great holiday season! Next year will be even better for recycling and the animals!

John Monday