Congratulations, Everybody!!! We reached the 500,000 point goal for HSUS before Thanksgiving!

HSUS is at 549,616 points! That’s $5,000 for the Humane Society. WOW! I knew we could all make it to 500,000 points by the end of this year, and we have done it! Congratulations to all of the Greenopolis users, Whole Foods customers, and active volunteers who help contribute in every way they can.

Please remember that the limit which Greenopolis has set for each charity is $5,000. Since we have donated over 500,000 points for the Humane Society of the United States, please remember that Greenopolis will donate the maximum of $5,000 to HSUS. So for all of the Greenopolis users, save all of your points for next year and we will have another $5,000 for the Humane Society! This money will go a long way toward helping animals.


Greenopolis Recycling Machines at Whole Foods in Thousand Oaks now donates the money from recycling bottles to the Humane Society of Ventura Country. Thank you to Christina, Jonathan, and the all of the staff at the Thousand Oaks Whole Foods store for remembering the animals by making this choice!

Thank you to Spike and to Tree Hugger for the money that will be donated to HSUS. I really appreciate your great letters and thank you so much for your support!

Thank you very much to Linda for being an active recycler and point donator which helped us to reach beyond our goal of 500,000 points to the Humane Society. Linda, thank you also so much for all of your wonderful letters, and especially for the book about heroes. I am enjoying reading it almost as much as your letters!

More Everglades Animals:

Some interesting animals are the egret,  the red shouldered hawk, the red tailed bird, and the red bellied turtle. When you go to the Everglades in South Florida, you might just see them there. The photos below are of some of the animals I caught on my camera in the Everglades this past summer.

And now…

The Blog Cat of the Day!

You might think that this autumn-colored cat
Is looking with spooky eyes you at!
She looks on the lookout for something to chase!
Like all those mice scurrying around your place!

So if you need a furry friend
Then your schedule you should bend
To pick up this pumpkin-colored cat
Who is loving, quick, and not at all fat!

This Autumn baby is only is only 13 years old and waiting for you at the Agoura Animal Shelter. Her ID is # A434-5962 and she would love to live the rest of her life with a happy family like you.

Adopt this beautiful cat at the Agoura Animal Shelter!

Have fun with your new pet!

John Monday