Thank you so much to all of you Greenopolis recyclers and Whole Foods customers! All of you who donate your recycling points to the Humane Society are very special.

Today I entered and donated 2,600 points to the Humane Society. Since we are almost over 235,000 points, we only have about 65,000 points left to donate to reach our 300,000 point goal. Don’t forget, let’s reach it by the end of the summer!

I just finished reading a book called Rascal by Sterling North, the true story about a boy and his pet raccoon. I learned about companionship and that even wild animals can become best friends with humans. It takes place around 1917 during WWI and it’s all about how Sterling North catches a wild baby raccoon and they become best of friends, going on hikes, picnics, and all sorts of adventures.

The summer of 2008 my mom and I took a road trip across the country. When we were in South Florida we stayed with friends in Jupiter (Florida, not the planet)!

One day when we were swimming, my mom and I saw these strange trashcans. She asked our friends why they were off the ground on posts, twirling around. They told us that it is to keep wild critters like raccoons from getting into the trash.

Amazingly, just a few minutes later we saw this.

Ha ha, so much for the inventive trash barrels!

Raccoons are super smart and adapt so well that they are definitely not an endangered species. In the books I was reading, doing some research about raccoons, I learned that it’s their adaptability that helps them survive.

The mother raccoon was looking for food for her babies.

Maybe we need to be more adaptable in this changing world. Maybe we need to keep improving our living habits to find new ways to live green.

Blog Dog of The Day. Rascal Look-a-Like!

When I visited the Agoura Animal Shelter today, I saw a pup who has the face of a raccoon! Just look at the curiosity in her eyes. Doesn’t she look like she wants to talk you into getting into some mischief with her? Like she’s already planning her next escapade with you!

Only those looking for excitement and adventure can handle this wild girl! Catch her at the Agoura Shelter…if you can!

John Monday