This morning when I donated 3,140 points to the Humane Society, I saw the point total so far is 294,147 points!

We’re really kicking it! We’re going to make our goal before summer is in full swing.

Thanks to everyone who has helped contribute their time and points for the animals!

And now…


Did you know that Dakota is a Native American name that means, “friend” or “ally,” and probably also means “forever smiling?” Well, our blog dog is definitely a smiler!

Dakota loves kids! That might be why he’s such a big smiler, because kids smile all the time. They smile way more than adults. I even notice now that the kids my age don’t smile as much as when we were younger.

How come?

And how come you adults don’t smile more?

Maybe because you feel like you have the burden of the world on your shoulders. And maybe you’re right. But hey, would you want to go back to your childhood? Most of the adults I know tell me I should be “so grateful” for the great childhood I’m having because their’s wasn’t so great.

Are all of us kids too stupid to realize that we’re having a rotten childhood and we just keep smiling anyway?

I’m thinking I’d rather just grow up stupid and keep smiling all the time 🙂 My mom says that’s the phrase, “ignorance is bliss.”

I don’t exactly want to be ignorant, but blissful sounds pretty good! That’s why every single day my mom and I tell each other 10 things that we’re grateful for. And every one of those 10 things has to be something specific about that day.

And whenever I’m bummed out about something, my mom makes me tell her 5 things I’m grateful for about the situation. That snaps me out of the bummed-out stage, and then it’s easier to solve the problem.

Now look at that picture of Dakota. Do you think he’s had a great childhood so far? He’s only 1 year old and it doesn’t exactly look like he’s living the life of a prince!

But is that keeping him from being a happy boy? No way! He’s got too many things he must be thinking about that are making him smile! I’ll bet he’s a real grateful pup. And he’ll show you all that gratitude when you take him home with you.

So, if you want a happy boy teaching you to be a funny, smiling guy, even when things aren’t going your way, Dakota is the one for you!

Dakota’s ID#A1184376

You’ll find Dakota at the West Valley Animal Shelter in Chatsworth:
20655 Plummer Street
Chatsworth, CA 91311-5127

(818) 756-9325
(888) 452-7381

Keep smiling!

John Monday