For the last month you all probably thought I dropped off the face of the Earth!

Well it did seem like I went to another world, because you see I went to the Everglades!

When we went to Florida for my Abuelita’s 80th birthday, (“Abuelita” is Grandma in Spanish), my mom and I took a day trip to the Everglades. Even though my mom took me there 3 years ago, I had forgotten the endless beauty that I noticed this time.

It is amazing that no place in the Everglades is higher than 8 feet above sea level. You can look out and see what looks like miles upon miles of grassy wetlands or sawgrass marshes.

In the 1940’s a conservationist named Marjory Stoneman Douglas named the sloping landscape of the Everglades the “River of Grass”. It is part of the title of a book she wrote in 1947 to bring attention to the environmental issues of the Everglades. Seeing all this natural beauty reminded me why we all work hard to recycle and why it’s important to take care of the habitats of endangered species.

NowNow I know what you’re all wondering…did I see any alligators?

You bet!!! And I got the pictures to prove it! Check out the teeth on this one! I was hiding behind the post of the boardwalk bridge in order to shoot this photo.

Most of them were in and around an area that looked like a small lake.

Check out this one taking a nap on a fallen tree.

This one (below) was so still while tanning in the sun that he almost looked fake because he didn’t move one inch the whole time we were there!

My mom and I then continued on the boardwalk and saw some more alligators swimming their laps!

HSUS at 373,854 Points!

Since the last blog in June we’ve collected and donated over 30,000 points! That’s worth more than $300! We are already at over 373,000 points! I know that some more animals will be very happy because of what we have done!

Way to go everyone!

One thing that I’m very impressed about is how far all of us Whole Foods customers and Greenopolis donators have come in this second year of cherishing our recycling bottles and donating points to the Humane Society.

By the way, while I’ve been sailing, kayaking, canoeing, jumping out of treehouses, shooting wild alligators (with my camera of course!), and building outdoor camp fires for cooking, my mom was very kind to enter in all of the 30,000 points that I donated. She even had my buddies at Whole Foods mail the points to us while we were out of town. Thank you, Mom!

And now…

Blog Dog of the Day is Chewy!

I thought while we were on the topic of alligators, and looking at pictures of their big teeth, a dog named Chewy would fit right in!

Chewy will be your faithful pal. She’s around 10 years young and perfect for a friendly companion who wants a loyal friend who will stick by them through thick and thin!

Chewy is available for adoption at the Riverside Animal Shelter.
(951) 358-7387

Her ID#A400184

See you later, Alligators!

John Monday